Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Subject:   serial modem?
Date:   2002-09-13 22:33:03
From:   dhovis
Response to: serial modem?

You'll have a really hard time buying a Mac without a modem. Education customers can order a modem-free bare bones eMac, and the PowerMac can be BTOed without a modem. The XServe doesn't have a modem, but that would be silly, now wouldn't it.

The only way you are likely to buy a modem-free new Mac is if you really want don't want a modem, so reusing a PC modem is really a non issue.

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  1. Brian Jepson photo serial modem?
    2002-09-14 11:21:58  Brian Jepson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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