Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Subject:   IrDA and SCSI
Date:   2002-09-14 01:00:40
From:   anonymous2
I may not be a switcher having used Macs for some time but Apple is not exactly helping me use my peripherals. I have a number of SCSI devices from back when Apple used SCSI rather than Firewire (tape drive, Zip drive, slide scanner) and while my current G3 powerbook has a PC card slot capable of supporting a SCSI PC card (if Adaptec finally get their Mac OX X driver right) I notice the PC card is missing from the iBook. I'm also lucky that I haven't upgraded to a new TiBook as it seems to have lost its IrDA port. Bluetooth is fine if you your peripherals have it but Apple shouldn't be so aggressive in removing tried and true technology until the alternative is pervasive.

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  1. IrDA and SCSI
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