Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Subject:   Ummm...ethernet cable
Date:   2002-09-14 09:08:02
From:   anonymous2
I'm surprised no one has told you. With OS X's samba implementation, and a simple ethernet cable (no, not cross-over cable, but that will work too) You don't have to transfer you files over blue tooth or some keychain sized, floppy wannabe.

All mac's made, I believe, since the second generation Graphite G4 have ethernet hardware that automatically detects whether a straight through or cross-over configuration is appropriate for the device you are patched into, and automatically switches for you.

At school, I'm not allowed to hook my personal laptop (first gen titanium) into the PC computer lab network. S'ok, I've got a "School IP" network configuration and a printer instance configured using the ip of the lab printer. When I want to print, I queue up my job, jack straight into the printer, print and skidattle in a matter of seconds—all without technically breaking the rules.