Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Subject:   serial modem?
Date:   2002-09-14 11:21:58
From:   bjepson
Response to: serial modem?

I used to have an external CDPD modem, and around the time I started switching, I wondered if I could get my Mac to talk to it. I wrote an article ( about getting my Palm III to talk to it, so in theory, I could have gotten it to work with my Mac. But, I decided that a new equipment purchase should be followed by cost-cutting measures :-) so I cancelled the service (it was $40 a month).

Not counting CDPD modems for PDAs, all the other CDPD modems I've seen are PCMCIA, and my iBook doesn't have PCMCIA. So, if I had decided to keep the wireless service, I would have needed one of those USB-to-serial adapters.

I could probably find a pile of serial devices kicking around my office that I'd like to have my Mac talk to (older Unix workstation serial consoles, random ancient PDAs, etc).

- Brian