Building a Data Warehouse with MySQL and Perl
Subject:   Data Warehousing using MySQL and Perl
Date:   2008-09-06 06:28:33
From:   DutchAlbatros
Great article.
There is only one thing missing that is to visualize the progress of the ETL process.

What would be greater than to have the ability to monitor the whole ETL process with the help of a Perl programme. The TK module from Perl would be an excellent tool to visualize the process. Even better would be to define different OO objects in Perl for different tasks that have to be carried out in the ETL process. For each ETL OO object specific properties could be defined. For example to carry out and sql task, it has to have a name, a SQL command, and so forth.

When this is compiled as a Perl service the ETL process can be run continously.

When at the end of the process a email will be sent to confirm that a process has been carried out succesfully or has gone wrong the whole programme is completely selfsufficient.