PBTOMAKE -- Xcode to Unix
Subject:   Building OBJ C command line apps
Date:   2008-09-07 03:39:01
From:   jimschimpf
If you are building with ObjC and want pbtomake to build a make file for the project. Do the following changes in CMaker.cp in the gatherline() method. First add the ObjC type to the list of types:

char *values[] = {
"archive", // REF:JS12032006
"compiled.mach-o.dylib" // REF:JS10102006 Add dynamic lib
"sourcecode.c.objc" // REF:JS07092008 Add obj c

then change the switch statement below this to mark the ObjC files as source:

switch( j )
case 0:
case 1:
case 8: // REF:JS078092008 Add OBJ c files
// Source files just mark that we found it
line.file_type = true;
line.type = SOURCE_FILE;

Re-build pbtomake and it should then build a make file for an ObjC project. Remember these usually use Frameworks and these are NOT portable to other OS's.