Using PC Peripherals on the Mac
Subject:   Ummm...ethernet cable
Date:   2002-09-14 17:09:03
From:   lwm
Yes, I am aware that you can do file sharing with the PC using SMB, using ethernet cables or 802.11b wireless card. But my main focus in this article is not really to propose the best way to do certain things, but to suggest ways in which your PC devices can be used on the Mac. :-)

In my home, I have my eMac and PC both connected to a hub, but at times, I still find it easier and faster to transfer using a portable device like the USB drive or harddisk. And I hate the cables, especially when my room is small and things really get messy :-( Yes, you can have a wireless network, but then not everyone has one....

Thanks for the message. :-)