Replacing AppleScript with Ruby
Subject:   great article
Date:   2008-09-17 16:05:08
From:   andreberg
Thank you very much to has for making appscript. It must have been a huge undertaking creating it. Impressive! Also thanks to Matt for writing this cool article. I enjoyed reading it very much.

I just wanted to add for Excel 2008 I had to change the line

excel.make(:new => :chart_sheet, :at => excel.active_workbook.start)


excel.make(:new => :chart_sheet, :at => excel.active_workbook.beginning)

But apart from that everything worked as described in the article.

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  1. Matt Neuburg photo great article
    2008-09-17 16:16:15  Matt Neuburg | O'Reilly Author [View]

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