UFOs (Ubiquitous Findable Objects)
Subject:   Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal
Date:   2008-10-15 23:02:56
From:   UbiCC Journal
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· Map new frontiers in emerging technologies in research, industry and governance

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· Explore the synergy and collaboration within the sciences, management and policy creation and implementation

· Establish authoritative channels of communication between experts, policy-makers and practitioners in academia, industry and government


The ubiquitous computing and communication Journal exists to provide a medium through which a wide range of experiences in the information and communication technology can be shared. The Journal aims to provide an environment in which ideas and research can be presented, discussed and criticized so that best practice can be assimilated into the new curricula of schools, colleges and universities.

Editorial board

The editorial board of Ubiquitous computing and communication Journal consists of leading specialists of the field from the globe.

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