Top 12 Ways to Degunk Your PC
Subject:   Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6! - FINAL NOTES
Date:   2008-10-21 04:16:47
From:   BeMan
Response to: Whoa Nelly! Beware of tip 6! - FINAL NOTES

you sound suprised that a CEO would take this stand with a potential customer and would air it to the public as well. Apparently, you are from a long-gone age as I am. An age where "False Advertising" was a crime and also an age where "The customer is always right" was a practice employed by the majority of businesses.

We do however, live in a different America today. One where the sheer number of potential consumers and greed, rule all. To provide a pleasant experience with an immediate monetary loss for a consumer in hopes of gaining their long-term loyalty, is a concept seemingly lost by most (definately not all) businesses of today. It is however, an absolutely viable principle still. For instance, about 20 years ago, I had the pleasure of doing business with two particular companies, Discount Tire and Circuit City. Both of these businesses employed these old proven principles and immediately gained my loyalty as well as my word-of-mouth, satisfied-customer, advertising for them through many years to come.

To expense your company even $50 for a customer, completely satisfying them, in most cases, brings an unseen pay-back of loyalty and positive advertising, equaling future revenue. The fact that it is unseen, or non-immediate, seems to be what trips up our "near-sighted" American Capitalistic business owners and managers. The flip side however is that, if you're not happy, "Hey, there are more where you came from." This attitude, while playing the numbers-game, imo, is pathetic.

Your re-iteration of "Each is available for a free full-functional 30 day trial download." really is the point here. Regardless of the vernacular for "Shareware", "Crippleware", "Trial-Version", etc., the point here is that a business professed to provide something they clearly did not, I.E. "False Advertising" and to top it off, the CEO, propmtly provided you with some lovely "American Customer Service."

All of this to say, As a consumer, it doesn't matter what this company ever puts out or how good it is proclaimed to be, they will never get a Benjamin from me. Not because of a customer complaint/review, rather because of their business beliefs/practices and their CEO's customer service.