Troubleshooting Stop Errors
Subject:   Selkie is Crucial for Blue Screen of Death
Date:   2008-10-24 09:39:37
From:   geekgirl10
This is always a prominant question when dealing with a Windows Operating System "What do I do when I get the Blue Screen of Death?" Finally there is a simple program to deal with it. Selkie Rescue Data Recovery specifically deals with the BSOD to help you get your data back quickly and easily, right at home. This might sound like an advertisement, but trust me, i've used it and theres NO better way to recover all your files when this happens. Selkie by-passes the Windows Operating System allowing you to transfer your files to another computer, while you do a re-install. It's do-it-yourself, "anyone can do it" software and a crucial piece of software to have. For more information check out