The Virtual Referral: Mitigating Risk by Hiring Open Source Developers
Subject:   Concept of hiring people
Date:   2008-10-28 22:56:41
From:   sophia10
Hello every one!
i wanted to hire virtual employees for web designing and SEO. Actually i am looking for whole virtual team. Because now it's become very expensive for our organization to recruit employees :( And we need reliable and quality virtual employees.
We were prepared to post our requisite on freelancers’ site. But we have observed that it's very time as well as money consuming process. And also I heard that “The bigger problem on Elance, in my experience, is dummy projects. Some buyers post projects simply to get an idea of the cost or to try to find free work” So, what next?
Our team comes out with conclusion to directly contact companies who are providing virtual employee services. But the question is "RELIABILITY and Hiring charges".
We have got replies from some forums and communities. So, now we have one option company it's nice.
But we want best service provider with better package.

Thanks in advance