BYOB: Build Your Own Browser, Part 2
Subject:   helpppp
Date:   2008-11-04 14:53:00
From:   ali_Bas
hey can some1 give me a more detailed explanation of this... i cant seem to find the control panel or anythin...thanks

To start, we need to choose the MyDocument class in the Classes panel of the Interface Builder control panel (it is a subclass of NSObject). Once MyDocument is chosen, go to the "Classes" pulldown menu and choose "Add Outlet to MyDocument." An information window will pop up; make sure that it is on the "Outlets" tab and add two outlets: "webView" with type "WebView" and "urlString" with type "id." Next switch to the actions tab and add an action named "connectURL."

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  1. helpppp
    2008-11-15 17:59:38  Kemper [View]

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