ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   CFMX Update available - Updater runs on Mac OS X
Date:   2002-09-16 20:39:50
From:   dicklacara
Damon Cooper and Brent Baker, of the Macromedia CF R&D team, have put
together a slick package that can be used to update a CFMX installation
that has been ported to Mac OS X. The package is a GUI updater written
entirely in Java, and runs just fine on Mac OS X. This updater package
is experimental and is not supported in any way by Macromedia.

You can download the package at:

There are 2 files:

cfmx_updater.jar - a command-line executable version - a compressed, double clickable version

You can use either one, I have tested both.

I prefer the double- clickable cfmx_updater. zip -- simply download,
unzip, double-click and answer a few questions and you are done -- what
could be simpler.

Detail instructions for the command-line executable are shown below --
it takes a few extra steps, but uses the same GUI.

1. Open a Terminal window and change directory to where you downloaded
the cfmx_updater.jar file, for example:

cd /Users/cfmx/Desktop

2. Set the CLASSPATH environment variable so that Java can find the
cfmx_updater.jar. Enter:

setenv CLASSPATH cfmx_updater.jar

3. Launch the updater program. Enter:

java install

Once either updater program is launched, A GUI Installer starts and you
answer a few questions to install the update.

Anyway, thanks to Damon and Brent for putting together this
experimental package. It makes updating CFMX on Mac OS X a breeze.

A VSO (Virtual Standing Ovation) to Damon and Brent!