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  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   Firefighters-Flash
Date:   2008-12-05 10:16:08
From:   s.singer
I have a new SONY alpha a200. I'm having some trouble taking pics of firefighters in my dept. The coats have a reflective tape that flashes back into my camera when taking photos. A lot of the shots are at night and have motion so I need to use the flash. What are my options to cut down on the flash back?

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  1. Firefighters-Flash
    2009-01-21 18:30:41  Cloudc [View]

  2. Firefighters-Flash
    2009-01-21 18:22:47  Cloudc [View]

  3. Firefighters-Flash
    2009-01-21 18:22:32  Cloudc [View]

  4. Firefighters-Flash
    2009-01-21 18:22:17  Cloudc [View]

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