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Subject:   ClearSpace Nightmare for Amazon
Date:   2008-12-22 19:24:25
From:   Marunde
I'm trying to get my first book published at ClearSpace. To all my colleagues and friends out there who are like me just trying to get my first book published, I'll tell you this has been one nightmare after another. I'd swear there is no intelligent life at ClearSpace, and I'm normally a very mellow and patient person. Have been my whole life, but it has gotten to the ridiculous on top of insane. My book cover just disappeared. Gone. Poof. Had it all designed with my own photograph on the cover, the back content and photo, but is just vanished today. Who knows where it went. They have a glitch in that cover template where double photos show up. I emailed, and I got a boilerplate email (not within 24 hours, but 72 hours later saying someone more intelligent had to look at the problem. Then after more than a week, I got an email telling me there was nothing they could do to fix that cover template, which is their own template. My uploaded pdf files seem to magically get corrupted at ClearSpace, although they are perfect at my end when I upload them. That takes an extra week for each email back and forth. They never respond to emails for sometimes a week, not 24 hours. Sometimes longer. I'm telling you folks, this POD could be absolutely fantastic if there was anyone home at the other end. But there is not. I'm amazed that Amazon chose to be associated with such a flaky and incompetent outfit. Really. I doubt Jeff Bezos has a clue how bad this is. Well, let's face it, he probably has no idea what is going on at ClearSpace. I always thought he was serious about customer service, but if he was, how could he be associated with the greatest disaster of customer service on the Internet? If I sound a little upset, I am, but just look at the evidence. I'm speaking objectively about the facts above. This is a disaster. I'm 99% done with the process though, so I don't really want to start all over with LULU or some other POD service. I've heard they are all terrible. No customer service. Well, the customer service cannot possibly be worse than at ClearSpace. I think we should rename this service to "OuterSpace," or maybe "Twilight Zone." Do you think Jeff Bezos even cares about ClearSpace? Wouldn't he have known about all this long long before my comment here?