Women Who Risk: Making Women in Technology Visible
Subject:   Women Who Risk
Date:   2008-12-29 12:26:46
From:   Waynette

Thank you for your article. I'd like to tell you of one woman, one of many in our organization, who is passionate about her career and her customers. She doesn't even think of them as SAS customers, she thinks of them as people who use the software - contemporaries.

Maura Stokes,R&D Director of Statistical Applications at SAS Institutes in Cary, NC, came to me about six months ago with a plan. In addition to her duties at SAS, and her speaking and teaching engagements, Maura had been supporting the users with answers via e-mail.

Now she had a plan to give those software users the support that she felt she could no longer offer through personal e-mails. She wanted to send them, a list of more than 4000 and growing, a quarterly e-newsletter. Her e-newsletter is called the SAS Statistics and Operations Research Newsletter (

I know of more women at SAS who are geeks and who are hidden within a woman's shell. Thank you for your efforts.

Waynette Tubbs
External Communications Specialist
SAS, Cary NC