Setting Up a Virtual Private Network
Subject:   Help plz; Trying to Connet 2 LANs together thru the NET using VPN
Date:   2009-01-04 19:19:26
From:   King ZZ
hi all,

Trying to connect 2 seperate LANs thru the net for gaming and file sharing, and for ease of use in general.


BthomeHub-- wired to - 1 winxp (home edition)
-- wireless to - 2 winxp (home edition)

Huawei e169 usb modem(3 network)- huawei D100 router-- wired to - 1 winxp MCE (think its pro)
-- wireless to - 1 winxp MCE (think its pro)

3 network esure me that it will support vpn although it has a dynamic isp so i have to reset the ip each time i connect to the net from the hub.

what i have done so far...

1) set up server and client

2) configured an ip range to give the users on the new network

3) in the server i have ticked my user name and set a password (this changed my sign on password when i start windows aswell)

3a) i also added the other users on the other lan and my lan all with passwords

4) in the client settings under security tab i ticked off ''require data encription (disconnect if none)'' (incase it couldnt connect coz of that)
5) in the connections menu i now have a server ''incoming connections'' , i also created a client on here aswell (thought it might help lol)
6) when i go on windows firewall/advanced/network connections/settings(of a connection)
i can see 3 ticked boxes; A) incoming connections VPN (L2TP)-port 1701 UDP
;B) incoming connections VPN (PPTP)-port 1723 TCP
;C) ip security (IKE)-port 500 UDP

7)i read on a site that the usual ports vpn uses is 50, 51, 500, 1723.
7a) i opened them ports TCP&UDP on my windows firewal,
7b) same ports in my -hiawei D100/settings/virual server
7c) same ports in the bthomehub/advanced/aplication sharing/to the computer i was trying to connect to / from
7d) bthomehub firewall on standard - huawei D100 firewall off (it has ip filtering - but cant click it when firewall is off)
7e) i also opened 1701 UDP on windows Firewalls + bthomehub

What i can do...

0) the 1st thing we did (following a sites guide) BTHOMEHUB held a server (on comp) and HuaweiD100 was client (on comp) we opened the PPTP port and another port but i am unsure if we unblocked it properly but i could connect to my brothers computer on the BTHOMEHUB, in fact i think we disable both our hub firewalls including both our windows firwalls

1) i can connect the client to the server on my own computer
2) i can connect another computer on my Huawei LAN to the server on my computer
3) i can also do the same on the bthomehub LAN to a server i also made on the bthomehub LAN
4) we can also connect from a computer on BTHOMEHUB (client) to a computer on the Huawei D100 (server)
1-4) in all instances it states in 'network connections' 1 incoming connection and the user online

What i cant seem to do... (maby i can but dont realise it yet)

1) i cant connect more than one computers/ clients to a server
2) i cant have a client connect to my server and then try and connect my client to there server(or my server)
3) i look in 'network nieghbourhood/view workgroup computers. no extra computers, click up a level twice and nothing new
4) we have been able to see each other in age of empires when we 1st tried it under 0) above. but could not get in the game.

other info..
it seems to be connecting on PPTP but we cannot share folders or view each other in network nieghbourhood, or play games.
also it seems as though we can connect client behind BTHOMEHUB to server behind Huawei D100, but not vice versa any more. will have to check again.

Thanx for reading this far and hope you can help, or if you have had a problem hope this helps you but dont for get to help me and others.
but me especially lol. PLEASE HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP.