Hack:   The NoCat Night Light
Subject:   Brillant
Date:   2009-01-10 19:25:34
From:   Lady Vano
Okay, limited IT, electrically obsessed.

1) Simple is best. Always. No doubt. Even in complex systems, simplicity prevails. You connected to the plug. Love it! I've thought of ways to do this. Lots of them, and never thought of just using the plug.

2) Manuals, sham-mamumuals. I had only a couple of linear feet to put my washer and dryer. Had them already, worked fine. Didn't buy news ones, just turned my dryer upside down. Use what you've got. Make that work. The only reason electricity has taken the path it has is because of the telegraph, way before the light bulb.

3) Way to go with the grassroots movement on it. Enough said.

4) Not that we should plug in our toaster and drop them in the bathtub, but rules are made to be broken. At least curved a little, right.

Love the willingness to play and try. You did try, and you did make it work. Don't know if it still does, but at least you put thought into action, and they produced results. Much more than the people who won't try cause the specs aren't quite right.