The Death of HyperCard?
Date:   2009-01-12 09:31:34
From:   SLEEPER1
My name is David Fuller.In 2005 I bought a company which publishes monthly print editions of commercial real estate for sale and lease, In addition, since 1996 the company has had a web presence at Since our acquisition we have used the pre-existing "enterprise" software. I use that term since it handles every function of the business from taking the original data to use in compiling a listing to updating the web page on a daily basis, publishing the books to a pdf file, invoicing, renewal notices, mailing lists...everything. The scary part is that it is a Hypercard system running on ancient hardware. We are 75% comopleted on a new software system. Last week, in what I thought was an abundance of caution, we engaged a local "mac" consultant to backup the hard drives on our principal two machines. He undertook to "Re-build" our desk tops which each held numerous folders and files. The result of this is that while many of our functions still work, the function that runs all night and compiles the current spreadsheets and image files to be uploaded to the internet the next morning does not function properly. The spreadsheets are created and images are created but they remain on the hard drive. Normally we find them in a sub-folder named "new" in a folder named "internet docs on a server named PUB. Normally we open the "new" folder and drag and drop them in the .ftp site of our website from which the data is imported and scrubbed and appears on the web-site.

The guy who "re-built" the desktops is not able to rectify the problem .

I am looking for a Hypercard consultant to come to Orlando (on short notice) and solve this problem for me.

If you have someone or know of someone or someway to locate someone who can solve my problem I would like to talk to you.

David J. Fuller
Sourcebook Publishing, Inc
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Orlando, FL 32804-1216
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