Rick Walker: The Joy of Live Looping
Subject:   uh, quantization, anyone?
Date:   2009-01-12 16:18:50
From:   pdx
while i find live looping to be an "interesting" use of audio technology (that ain't necessarily a compliment), there was one part of this article that puzzled me -- if smacking the footswitch at exactly the right time is so important AND mr walker uses midi to modify the speed of the loop, then why the heck doesn't he use quantization to ensure that the audio samples are clipped at exactly the right place? are you telling me that he uses all this high-tech equipment ... but never sets a tempo!?

i understand that various one-man-band acts have gotten quite adept at stomping the box in time to what they're playing (kt tunstall made a career out of it, and last year at foo camp, i watched zoe keating do similar things to good effect). but i find it odd that people using "new technology for new music" sometimes don't use available tools to produce the effects they're obviously going for. for example, ableton live will do all the looping/mixing/automagically-chop-it-on-the-beat you could possibly imagine (not to mention stretch-it-til-it-fits effects) ... but does not usually seem to be part of the "live looper" arsenal.

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