Rick Walker: The Joy of Live Looping
Subject:   uh, quantization, anyone?
Date:   2009-01-15 15:06:52
From:   pdx
Response to: uh, quantization, anyone?

actually, unless i'm missing something, the loop does have to be exactly the right length (or damn close to it) otherwise the various loops get out of sync fairly quickly. setting a dub delay length by ear is maybe a different story because a) the delay will usually eventually fade out (i.e. feedback != 100), and b) the producer is not playing a bar of drums once, then relying on the delay to keep time with all the other instruments (which is what live loopers tend to do).

or i may just be talking outa my hat, since i don't produce (or listen to) this kind of music much.

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  1. uh, quantization, anyone?
    2009-01-19 08:15:01  Larry the O [View]

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