Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Sendmail error on local_host_names
Date:   2002-09-17 18:38:23
From:   bilver
There is another alternative that I used to install Sendmail
I install OS X Jaguar Thursday. The only OS X experience I had before was about 1 hour on an OS X developer beta with a late 1999 kernel.
I spent 2 days audio editing on a Mac for friend two years ago, and I spent about 1 hour on a Mac the second week they were out in 1984 so I'm a bit new at Macs.
However I've been banging on Unix and sendmail for awhile.
In the the Fw file point to the local user file.
I commented that out and put the two domains I will accept mail for right after 'localhost' on the Cw line.
I used to have to do this on old Sendmail installs on some SGIs years ago, and it works.
I hesitated to change directory permission until I get a few more hours under my belt with OS X to understand how it differs from all previous Unixen I've used.
This is the first time it's looked enough like my favorite OS of all time, NeXTStep to make me a believer. Really nice.