Inside SSH, Part 4
Subject:   I return often . . .
Date:   2009-02-12 04:41:59
Response to: I return often . . .

Yes, I'm back once again. This time however, I am trying to reconfigure my five year old machine to accept ssh (sftp) traffic after updating to Mac OS X 10.5. All seems well, but this time I am seeing some strange entires in my appfirewall.log, and it reads, "Feb 11 08:21:12 beelzebub Firewall[57]: Allow sshd-keygen-wrapper connecting from uid = 0 proto=6". Not just one entry, but repeated and persistent entries coming from multiple IPs. Yikes!

I don't recall this happening under 10.4 and I believe it's the same configuration as outlined in this tutorial.

Should I be concerned? I've turned off ssh for now, but would like to turn it back on. Any advice?