Subject:   So what's wrong with this picture
Date:   2009-02-13 23:53:21
From:   Nahima
I've heard web 2.0 brandied about in our offices by our entreprise architecht for three months now - he can't explainw hat it emans but he is firm in his belief we should be moving the organisation to Web 2.0 <-- problem number one...people who espouse terms they don't understand or that are meaningless.

Your article gives some good examples of Web 2.0 good practice - tagging for relevance, voting,democracy, make it free, make it where do I tag this article? other than some articles, what are you really giving away? this could just as easily be a marketing ploy to sell your books on web 2.0 - they certainly are not free...

Where is democracy in the context of the O'Reilly website?

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of O'Reilly books - have been for the last 15 years - but I do feel web 2.0 is very much still a buzzword and people need to remain mindful of this...after all, as yous ay it was initially simply the name of your next conference...

Nonetheless I am not completly ungrateful for a good read - thanks

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  1. So what's wrong with this picture
    2009-07-17 12:35:23  MBybee [View]

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