Subject:   why are guys so stupid and why do they lie
Date:   2009-02-14 11:40:49
From:   freezen
Response to: why are guys so stupid and why do they lie

Well not all men are assholes just allot of the ones most women meet... and you can meet them anywhere so... so much for looking for new places to meet them. As far as women whining about men on here? well its probably because of the subject posted we dont all have perfect partners and going through the task of finding yet another who could be self centered and cold after getting to know this person can be very disappointing. No one wants disappointment and not everyone has a sufficient amount of self esteem to back up a loss so even if its not meant to sound generalized it usually is... women are more emotional and emotion plays a huge part of our thinking process and usually men aren't so its more of a logical thinking kind of thing for a man I think the whole subject matter was a way of venting because no doubt some guy has hurt someone emotionally by being callous and insensitive which because men do not perceive things the same way because of the way they think which comes across as very cold and callous allot of the time. Its hard to really understand why men and women even get along at all sometimes because it seems very frustrating to try to convey your feelings to someone who just cuts you off and wont listen or finds a way to twist it around and blame it on that time of the month or in return that response allot of women give which is " your just a guy and you wont understand." Ive tried for years to understand the "guy" in my life and its been a very long and frustrating process I have come to realise I probably never will. But at the same time if you love someone its hard to just cut bait and run because most of the time thats the nice glib answer most people will give you. All I can say is good luck ladies if it is worth it to you to keep trying to get through to someone who is genetically impervious to emotional response then keep trying and if not? then walk away and dont look back.