Weblog:   Business Week on Amazon/EBay Web Services
Subject:   Cashless Society.....
Date:   2009-03-05 23:43:16
From:   IsaakZ
Internet is a great help to the consumers; no doubt on it. Internet is one of the results of our modern technology. Websites such as Amazon and ebay designed for those who want to save time and money by means of shopping online. They sell millions of items per day – eBay is technically the world’s 26th largest economy. These days online transaction is very prominent; our transactions consist more of electronic payments than they do with cash payments. But online transactions also consist of disadvantages to the people such as online fraud. At this moment online fraud is at alarming rate. And as we’ve observed America is becoming a cashless ( society. The invention of the debit card no doubt had a lot to do with taking our society cashless. Eventually, the lines of communication will have linked all economies and currencies. We will likely see a day in the near future where the world has gone cashless ( .