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Subject:   document scanner
Date:   2009-03-19 12:54:05
From:   Tom L
Just wondering if you have any more updated suggestions on ducment management and scanners. I am not a big spender on technology, and have a mixed record in picking solutions. My current budget is limited, but I would not be in this fix if I had been a better manager of my work and finances.
The most recent example is my spending two days searching for some legal docuements, with only partial success. And literally getting sick in the process from dust etc. My problem is I never like to disgard anything. I have been a lawyer, an historian, a secretary with several organizations, And I have a concern for actually preserving past records. If I had just had a good secretary instead of a bad marriage ... well, lets not get into that.
In an ideal world I would like to be able to scan just any paper I get. Obviously most paper is not worth keeping in the original form - the copy in digital form is just as good. If I had started with this 20 or thirty years ago, I might actually have had more of a life over those years. And I might actually fidn those papers I do nned in their original form like my mother's will ... luckily she is still healthy at 94

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  1. document scanner
    2009-03-19 18:03:44  jchunter [View]

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