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Subject:   document scanner
Date:   2009-03-19 18:03:44
From:   jchunter
Response to: document scanner

Yes, recently I picked up a Fujitsu ScanSnap and it's terrific. I have the S510M model (the M stands for the Mac edition). It's super fast, has a small footprint, does duplex by having two sensors read both sides at the same time, includes good OCR software, and is as easy as pushing a button. It's gotten great reviews on Amazon and it deserves them.

It writes PDF files instead of TIF files, which is a bit easier for non-techie people to read. If you run the OCR it embeds word bounding boxes in the PDF so you can search for words and even copy/paste highlight the words in the PDF even while the pages look like the scanned version. That's crazy cool.

Only downside is there's no flatbed scanner so if you want to scan an open book, for example, you can't. You could xerox it at work and scan it at home though.