Controlling Your Mac with AppleScript and Java
Subject:   NSAppleScript apparently crashes in Leopard
Date:   2009-03-28 17:11:47
From:   Chris_G
I used this technique to get my jEdit/AppleScript/After Effects stuff to work (and did better implementation after i received no response to my comment :-( ).
Well, I've been trying to figure out a way to use another technique because apparently, in Leopard, this will not work with garbage-collected apps (like jEdit I suppose) and will crash the host app. It is a "known bug" and Apple seems to be dragging their feet regarding this NSAppleScript bug.
Any clues as to what to do instead? If anything?

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  1. NSAppleScript apparently crashes in Leopard
    2009-03-28 19:18:53  Chris_G [View]

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