Switcher Stories Follow Up
Subject:   I made the switch.
Date:   2002-09-18 04:57:19
From:   anonymous2
But last May just after OS 10.0 first came out. Went to take my mother's iMac in for repair, and left with that and a shiny new Ti 500.

I started life on a TRS-80 III with cassette in elementary school, graduated in the 5th grade to a C64, then an Amiga 1000 in High School. Got a Kaypro 286 just before heading off to college, then second year realized I still loved Amiga and upgraded to the A2000. Then once more to a A3000 a year later. A brief lull (working for peanuts/no cash) and bought a 486/66. Then a rapid series (working in computers now) P90/P166/P300/Dual P300/P400/AMD 766/AMD 900. I currently have a Dual AMD 1800+ and 1.1ghz machine.

Since the release of 10.1, the 1.1 has been nothing but a glorified gateway, and the dual a W2k game machine. I have used Linux for servers and desktops since 1.1.75 when we started an ISP using it as the base, and range from RH to Debian to SuSE. OS X is just a breath of fresh air.

I see a lot of ACs here complaining about this or that. /etc/hosts? Now checked before NetInfo by preference in 10.2, and wasn't that difficult to use in the first place. Ctrl to the left of A? That must surely be the silliest Luddite argument I've heard. Yep, it's a great car, but the shift is on the steering wheel column rather than the floor, if they changed that I'd buy in a heartbeat.

We Unix folk have a tendency to leave our favorite poison (Linux/BSD/Whatever) and want (unreasonably) for whatever we try to work exactly the same. A bit of research, and a little reading of some of the documentation that Apple has made available will really help out understanding how this Mach based BSD clothes wearing Mac OS works.

Find out how system services start (Hint: It's really very elegant, now if only I could get a Linux version with it). Where to put files (OS X's version of the LSB).

To close as the commercials do..

My name is Andrew Hobbs, and I'm a security and IT consultant.