QuickTime Web Movie Secrets
Subject:   Play it large in a wordpress post
Date:   2009-04-27 11:18:02
From:   DavidBattino
Response to: Play it large in a wordpress post

Good question. In the two years since this article was published, my full-screen example has stopped working. Apple's QuickTime Developers' site lists three approaches:

  1. Create a QuickTime Media Link [XML] file that specifies one of the full-screen modes.

  2. Create a movie with the full-screen attribute set internally. [This is what I did above, so I'm not sure why it's no longer working.]

  3. Add a sprite that sets the movie into full-screen mode at run time.

Examples and background here:

And here's a page with some fullscreen "wrapper" movies into which you can insert your own movies:

They didn't work for me. Research continues....