Getting Things Done with Your Mac
Subject:   ImOnTime is for me
Date:   2009-04-28 07:48:50
From:   wayneA
I tried 20+ GTD apps..and then had a GTD methology crisis

The App that has given me most productivity to date is ImOnTime
For MY style it seems to be the best way to organise (although it’s not for all) as it’s an active management system (or should i say re-active ???)
Once your in a mindset that any system is a chore and will require maintenance then the “pop up ” reminders that I.O.T. throw up will be accepted as part of the pay-off

I tried GTD on omifocus for 6 months
I never got anything done

I think GTD is over-rated

I think it starts to crumble once your data swells. Inevitably your entries will grow and it will become harder and harder to constantly order and manage tasks.

Also maybe a creative mind is always changing and adapting by the minute. That’s where the GTD system is too rigid

A good article on the subject(link below) talks about why more creative people may have a problem with GTD….That’s me (too much coming in at once & a need to be totally flexible)…heres the article