Extending GoLive 6's Dynamic Content
Subject:   Question
Date:   2009-05-05 16:20:24
From:   jminogue
I have done all the above and now I need to validate my form fields, I used the action->getters->field validator for the submit button but for some reason validation gets skipped and the form still gets submitted when it's blank, even after I removed the value sections. I have tried amnually coding a php validation script but nothing works, it has something to do with the content source link but I can't figure it out. Help! :)
I started over with a simple one field form and submit button:

<form action='../config/actions/mysql.actions6.php?<?php echo URLArgs(array())?>' method="post" name="FormName">
<input type="text" name='full_name(<?php echo $rfq3->AbsolutePosition()?>)' <?php echo showError($rfq3->Error("full_name"))?>>

<input onclick="CSAction(new Array(/*CMP*/'1D61E91'));" csclick="1D61E91" type="submit" name="_AddRecord" <?php SetupMySQLAdd('$return', '$return', $rfq3) ?>>

<?php SetupMySQLForm($rfq3); ?>

Here is the action code:
<csaction name="1D61E91" class="Field Validator" type="onevent" val0="FormName" val1="full_name" val2="0" val3="0" val4="" val5="enter your name"></csaction>