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  SMS-Powered Applications
Subject:   Got Error while compiling
Date:   2009-05-25 22:00:20
From:   ancy joseph
Hello All,
Could any one please sort out the problem I got an error saying

Sender.java:21: cannot find symbol
symbol : class SerialConnection
location: package sample.sms
sample.sms.SerialConnection mySerial =null;

Sender.java:31: cannot find symbol
symbol : class SerialParameters
location: class sample.sms.Sender
private SerialParameters defaultParameters= new SerialParameters ("COM2",9600,0,0,8,1,0);

and lots of other errors .
I tried by importing java.net and others by there is no end to these error .There where about 50 errors..
I had put those files 5 java files in sample/sms folder
and had set as package by giving package sample.sms;
Could any one please help me in sorting out these problem......

Thanks in Advance