Extend JavaSound to Play MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and More
Subject:   Processing bytes of an mp3 file
Date:   2009-06-01 01:53:00
From:   solde

I'm trying to process the audio data bytes I get from a mp3 audio file. I'm using MP3SPI, Jlayer and Tritonus. Since I placed these 3 .jar files in my classpath the application I'm writing is able to deal with mp3 files (before I always got an "unsupported file" exception).
My question is if the bytes I get from the file keep the mp3 format (a number of frames, each frame having a header) or they have any other format (something like wav format: a header at the beggining of the file and then the audio data).

I'll provide the code I'm using to get the bytes from the mp3 file if this can help.

Thanks in advance for any comments.