Switcher Stories Follow Up
Subject:   Re: I switched from Linux to OS X
Date:   2002-09-18 16:18:45
From:   anonymous2
Sorry, I couldn't work out how to reply to the original comment.... but,

Just wanted to comment on the TiBook being a $1.5K laptop sold at $3K. Personally, I don't get people who say stuff like this.
If I itemise the functionality thus:
Monitor Spanning.
Gigabit ethernet.
1-inch thick.
15 inch screen.
Titanium case.
High-end CPU.
Slot-loading CD burner.

...I get a laptop that I can _only_ buy from Apple.

The only way I can get a $1.5K value is if I say: TiBook is $3000 dollars. For $3000 dollars I can get a laptop from another dealer with twice the processor MHz. Therefore - the TiBook should be half the price. Which equals $1.5K.

Obviously most rational people can see the absurdity of the above logic. It doesn't take into account the MHz myth for one thing, but the other features are covered by a variety of laptops, but no single manufacturer has all these features... and many have the same $3K price. (No other laptop I know of has Gigabit ethernet (for any price), or slot loading CD - of course I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong)

Just though I would add my thoughts to the mix.