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Subject:   why are guys so stupid and why do they lie
Date:   2009-06-20 08:09:27
From:   CindyJ588
Response to: why are guys so stupid and why do they lie

Actually, to the females on here that are a little naive and think that there are good men out there that dont lie, I want to say that is not true. My husband is a very great guy, however he has lied to me in the past and I have caught him in those lies, although he has never admitted that he's lied to me and I know he never will, due to the pride and ego thing. But because of me confronting him about this stuff he has stopped and I havn't sensed anything or caught him since. Also I have known lots of other really good hearted guys that friends and family have been with or are with and those men have lied to them. So to those women who think "Well my man has NEVER lied to me" Is being very naive and will one day get a reality check and you will wish you would have been more aware of it before.

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