Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   Storage limits
Date:   2002-09-18 20:15:49
From:   anonymous2
But the primary difference is who sets the storage limits, not that the message takes up the same amount of space. For example, many educational institutions set server mail levels at 10MBs. That can be a lot of mail when you are just rapidly downloading a days worth of message. But its not that much space, when your thinking 50 messages a day over the course of a week.

POP allows you to comply with server side limits, while storing much more mail. You could say, I have an 80GB drive, and I'm going to allow 2GB be just for mail storage. Not too many vendors are going to give you 2GBs to store you mail on the server. Typically 4MB to 50MB are pretty standard.

This is nothing against IMAP. I'm planning to set-up IMAP access for a fe of our PowerUsers, who require access from four to five locations. I'll be giving them 200MB each for storage.

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