Weblog:   Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip)
Subject:   expand the wireless reception
Date:   2009-07-11 10:24:45
From:   BOBGG
Response to: expand the wireless reception

I have two commerical antennas gave to me from the computer repair store I use.
They Don't give a brand but I thank they are TELEX
the dish's are 27" in diameter and have a large feed hhorn 5" by 2.5" with E-connector's. The guy
told me that would reach out to ten miles and would pick the signal off a cell tower whitch I odon't thank is possable with out a key.
Anyway I am trying to come up with a system that
will reach 4 miles with a few trees in the way.
I also I have a boetie made from a Dish network,also
a YAGI that will reach out to ten miles,with a UBS connector. What system should I use?
I read where I should use a Engenius Eco 1650
router between my antenna and computor, any help
would sure be nice. Thanks Bob.-