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Subject:   Metaphors and Categorization
Date:   2009-08-12 22:55:56
From:   Louise Alt
Response to: Metaphors and Categorization

I was just googling to see what any one else thinks of this subject?

The way we speak today is how we spoke before the internet is what it is today.

I'm working on an essay today about secrets, I really feel that the word secret has changed and cannot be defined as what it once was, if I need to know something that I don't already I immediately go on the internet, secrets cannot be described as - information which is readily available and accessible.....thats no secret!
Secrets to me are now something which is so hidden, almost unfathomable to even question!
If it is'nt on the internet then I will be smiling happily knowing that there is so much of this incredible world we still have yet to discover.

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