Subject:   internet studies
Date:   2009-08-30 21:34:11
From:   nikkil
As a current internet studies student i find web 2.0 a simple and understandable concept. This may be as I was brought up on Web 1.0 and then assimilated as Web 2.0 was becoming more and more developed. The way I view it is as like any software on your computer: the original program comes out and as it begins to develop small improvements are made and efficient changes are seen fit. As these upgrades are made available its name develops commonly going up in number to define itself from its predecessor. It would be an insult to say that the web is stagnant. Therefore superior, and more ideal internet environments should be recognized. Its not a way of dividing the old from the new but a way of defining certain upgrades within the system and the natural changes that occurs as society's needs for the Web develop.