Using MySQL from PHP
Subject:   converting from files to db
Date:   2009-09-13 15:41:39
From:   wizardeyes
Hello, I have been programming my wiki-style site for a few years but only recently been able to go live on a php-supporting host. I have played with php and learned about it quite well regarding files, text and logic. However, building a site that contains thousands of articles, each containing several parts, I figured I would start out as a newbie using text files that get included. This type of "mudulation" helped me, but now is getting a bit of a nusance.

I need to have several different db's for the management, members, articles, history, logs etc. And I want them to be stored on the site so I can FTP backups. I do have some experience in Excell and am looking to do something similar. How can I convert my data processing from filing to db stored on the site's folder system rather than "localhost"? something like "memberships.db" or whatever. I look at the php codes and they never call a file. It reminds me of using a registry editor, where the files aren't "files". Anyone care to help?