Stein Gives Bioinformatics Ten Years to Live
Subject:   longevity of bioinformatics (cont'd)
Date:   2009-09-26 07:55:07
From:   YangHai
Response to: longevity of bioinformatics

To elaborate, if the synergy between computer science/informatics and biology did not exist, we would never have mapped out the genomic sequence in the time that we did. Just because we have accomplished one task does not mean we should so easily discard the discipline and field that got us there. As I realize this article is a bit out dated and we have all come to realize that Bioinformatics is not going to just disappear. Fields and disciplines like this may lay dormant for a while, but they never truly disappear. It had a fast growth at first due to the tedious nature of its origins, but its potential has just begun to be dived into.

Since the time this article was written until now, we have seen an increase in the field of Biomedical Engineering as well as many other advances in the life science industry. High-throughput machines are on the rise, and with it comes extensive data to be analyzed. Bioinformatics rises with the call and demand of its parent discipline: Science.

Hai Yang
Indianapolis, IN