Generating an XML Document with JAXB
Subject:   lifecycle events in JAXB
Date:   2009-10-23 01:55:41
From:   javach

I have a huge xml file that is an input to JAXB and subsequent processing.

The jaxb part is working fine, but at the end of it I want to process the records that have come in from the JAXB import. When I do this, I get a record not found exception even though the JAXB part shows that the record may have been inserted.
I am confirming this by printing the record ids, as soon as they have been created / inserted.

Unable to understand why this is happenning.
Secondly, are there lifecycle events for a JAXB process, not at a record level, but at the entire processing level.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. lifecycle events in JAXB
    2009-10-24 09:20:55  Deepak Vohra | [View]

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