Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   great job
Date:   2002-09-19 16:37:38
From:   anonymous2

This worked well with Tomcat 4.1.10. The differences from what you did was that mod_jk.c was in jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.1.10-src/jk/native/apache-1.3/ and there wasn't any build script. I just cut-and-pasted your, configured it and ran it in mod_jk.c's directory.

The only other thing I added was a virtual server for Cocoon.

DocumentRoot /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.10/webapps
JkMount /*.jsp ajp12
JkMount /examples/servlet/* ajp12
JkMount /cocoon/* ajp12

The entire thing only took about 20 minutes and I fired up http://localhost/cocoon/ just fine.

Thanks for the great instructions/guidelines, it really helped.