How to Optimize Rank Data in MySQL
Subject:   Ranking question
Date:   2009-11-01 07:08:34
From:   sguerrera
I see that you are ranking the games according to their scores, but want if you also wanted to see the "trail" (differece in scores) from one gamer rank to the other.

Ex. If gamerid 1010 had first rank with 97000 points as thier score; and the second ranked gamer had 96000 points, have it update the ranks of the gamers and calculate the difference between the two scores as the rank gets updated; but always to the leader...

So if three gamers existed and rank one had 97000
and second gamer had 96000
and third gamer had 95000

then the tails would be NULL for the gamer with rank 1; 1000 for gamer with rank 2, and 2000 for gamer with rank 3 etc....