The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   These are great! Any Linux d00d will love it!
Date:   2002-09-19 16:53:34
From:   anonymous2

Yes, the linux installation is somewhat peculier, but remember what it is running on. Anybody who likes Linux will love this gadget! New ROM updates and kernel patches make linking to a linux desktop as simple a putting it in the cradle. New hotplug services for Linux will automatically bring up a USB->Ethernet connection to the Zaurus. These are _very_ cool. If you never had a PDA before (like me) you will just get used to it quickly and really like it. Stick a 256Mb SD card into it and it is ready to rock and roll! The new ROM fixes almost all problems with the device! These are very tiny full-blown Linux servers disgised as a PDA, they make Palm's and iPaq's look seem like toys. Remember you can actually write your own programs for this guy, unlike Palm or WindowsCE devices. Seems very polished and extremely functional. I already love this little gadget and it is proving to be much more useful that I actually expected. Nuff said.