ASP.NET Caching
Subject:   Caching problem
Date:   2009-12-23 13:51:35
From:   Francisco Goldenstein
Hi! I'm from Argentina and I'm facing a problem that I could solve but I'm not sure if I did it in the best way. I was caching page that has a Master Page and the user was able to change de currency (dollar, euro, etc.). Depending on the selected currency, the page should display prices in the desired currency (price converted from original currency to selected currency). The problem is that after changing the selected currency, prices are not updated because they are cached. The selected currency is being saved in a session variable and after debugging the web application I can assure you that it was OK. How did i solve this issue? I added a "VaryByParam=currency" option to my cache directive and now I have to send the currency parameter in every page that shows prices. I guess that this is not the best solution and that's why I'm posting this message. I hope to read from you soon. Thanks in advance.