Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Use Kalyway's Leopard boot disc!
Date:   2009-12-24 14:34:07
From:   Polycoda
Forget about all of this, use Kalyway's MAC OS X Leopard boot disc. It supports most common PC hardware. On my typical HP Compaq CMT 530 desktop PC, it booted fine and then I chose the NetExtreme Gigabit network driver from the install packages and then it installed correctly on my second SATA drive. I have sound, network, mouse, keyboard, the only thing is my GeForce 6400 GS, but I think there is a KEXT I can download to fully adapt it. Anyhow, it works fine without the driver, only that it's stuck on 1024x768 resolution... which is still not bad.